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How To Build Residual Income

Although residual income can be used to describe the sum of money you continue to earn after doing upfront work, it mainly refers to the net income you get after covering your expenses and debts.

You might have heard of discretionary income, which is money that you can spend at your discretion. Residual income is the same thing.

Most people get paid when they trade time for money, meaning there's active work involved in generating that income. 

But there are many residual income opportunities that can make you money with little effort on your part. 

Talk about working smarter! 

By creating streams of residual income, you can increase your wealth and gain control over your finances.


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Types of Residual Income

Residual income can have different meanings in different contexts. Here's a look at some of the common areas that make use of this income.


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Corporate Finance

Residual income is how you calculate profit in the world of corporate finance. 

You can use it to identify a company's net worth by subtracting the opportunity costs of capital from the annual operating profit. 

And if you want to know the company's equity value, you can use residual income to estimate the instinct value of its shares.

For this purpose, you'll assess the company based on the sum of its book value and the current value of its anticipated future residuals. 

Personal Finance

You can also use residual income to determine your creditworthiness.

Banks and other institutions often use this income to determine whether an individual is making enough to secure a loan and cover his expenses. So if you're left with a good chunk of money after settling all your debts and monthly payments, you can demonstrate your financial standing to get approved for a loan.

Online Business

If you set up an online business, your residual income will be the profit you make after putting in the initial effort.

Typically, there's very little work required to maintain the flow of income after the initial effort is made. Hence, in the context of online business, residual income is also referred to as passive income.

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How to Make Residual Income

Creating a residual income stream can be life-changing for everyone.

Whether you're in college or well into your career, consider opportunities that enable you to earn recurring income down the road. 

And, thanks to new digital platforms, there's no shortage of residual income ideas on the table. 

Here are some interesting ones:

1. Start a dropshipping store

2. Open a subscription business

3. Invest in Start Up Companies

4. Rent out your property

5. Crowdfund real estate

6. Create an app

7. Start a Youtube Channel

8. Publish a book

9. Sell photos 

10. Sell digital products on Etsy

11. Build an Instagram following

12. Consider Investing

13. Build an Online Course

14. Sell Your Designs Online

15. Place an Advertisement on Your Car 

16. Post content on Reddit

17. Download and install apps (eg: HoneygainTapestri, etc)

18. Own Vending Machines - Find out how

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While it can be tempting to want to pick 4 passive income ideas to get started with, I'd really encourage you to pick one in the beginning. It would be best if you had the time and the ability to focus to really grow a passive income stream. Master one thing before moving on to the other.


It's going to take a substantial amount of time or money in the beginning, but I promise earning passive income is everything it's cracked up to be! Pick an idea, make a plan, and dedicate yourself until that income stream comes to fruition.

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